Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Many customers think they need to go to a brick and mortar jewellery store to have their wedding rings and jewellery items professionally cleaned, but it’s actually quite simple to care for your jewellery at home. Here are some easy and affordable tips on how to keep your mens rings and jewellery looking as clean and sparkling as the day you bought them.

Basic Jewellery Care

  • Most materials can be easily cleaned with a homemade solution of warm water and a mild dish soap. Simply apply the soapy solution to the jewellery item using a soft cloth, rinse, and pat dry with another soft cloth.

  • There are a number of well-performing store bought cleaners for jewellery, like Tarn-X and Brasso. However, before applying any cleansing solution to jewellery, always make sure to double-check if the jewellery material has any special requirements or exclusions. If you are unsure, you can always do a small spot test on a hidden section of the jewellery.

  • An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into crevices of intricate designs or for cleaning gemstones like diamonds. Simply use it in place of a soft cloth to apply your cleansing solution, and then follow the same rinse and drying steps.

  • Jewellery care isn’t just about cleaning – make sure to carefully store jewellery items when you’re not wearing them, preferably in their own jewellery cases or bags so that they won’t rub or bang against each other.

  • In addition to safely storing your jewellery items, take care when you’re wearing them. Most materials should not be exposed to harsh chemicals (like household cleaners), and are best left off when performing physically exerting tasks, jumping in a pool or hot tub, or taking a shower.